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Ways to File2018-05-24T13:19:55-05:00

Ways to file the Form 4 NFA

Which way to file your Form 4 NFA Paperwork:

There are generally two different ways people file paperwork for suppressors.

  • Individual- Which is just filing in your name.
  • Trust- Which is filing in the name of a gun trust.

Which way do you need to file?

Are there people other than yourself that you want to give authority to possess your NFA items without you present (hunting trips, range, etc.)?2018-05-24T13:09:30-05:00

If so, you will need to file with a gun trust. You can add and remove co-trustees to your trust as you please. This gives them authority to possess your NFA items without you present.

Are you the only one that will need legal authority to take your NFA item out hunting and the range?2018-05-24T13:10:12-05:00

If so, filing as an Individual is fine. You can still allow other people to possess your NFA items; you will just need to be in the immediate area. When you are not around, your NFA items will need to be locked up securely in a safe at the address on your Form 4 paperwork.

Do you want the easiest and smoothest process of passing your NFA Items down to your heirs when you die?2018-05-24T13:10:56-05:00

If so, filing with a trust is your best option. You will be able to pass your NFA items down to your heirs when you die, even if they are not in a trust, but the process is a little more complicated.

Do you want your Form 4 paperwork to be approved quicker by the ATF?2018-05-24T13:11:46-05:00

If so, filing as an individual is your best option. Filing as a trust is a little more complicated and takes a little more work by the ATF. A trust can add as much as 1 month, or even 2 months, to your wait time.


•If using a trust, you can add and remove co-trustees as you please. Since any co-trustee on your trust has to have fingerprints, photos, and a background check done any time you purchase a NFA Item, it is highly recommended to simply remove them as co-trustees. After your paperwork has been pending with the ATF, you can easily add them back with no notification from the ATF. Contrary to what some may tell you, you do not have to wait until your paperwork is approved to add them back. Most trusts, especially Jim Willi’s version, have a very simple and straightforward process for adding and removing co-trustees.

•A well-developed gun trust like GunTrustGuru’s has, in the “add or remove co-trustee” form, a section where you can state an expiration date for the person you are appointing. This is very helpful, especially if you want to give temporary authority to a friend or family member to take your NFA item on a hunting trip. Then, after the expiration date, they are automatically removed, and you can simply tear up the appointment form. If you want to appoint them without an expiration date, you will simply put “N/A”.

•You only