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Suppressor Buying 1012018-05-24T15:08:02-05:00

Suppressor Ownership 101

If you’re totally in the dark on purchasing a suppressor and NFA ownership in general, then you are in the right place!

On this page, we answer some of the questions you might have about not only suppressor ownership, but also commons questions about purchasing a suppressor from us online.
You can really save a chunk of money by buying a suppressor online and it’s as easy as purchasing a gun online!

General Suppressor Ownership Questions:

Do I need a Class 3 license to own suppressors?2018-05-23T11:30:29-05:00

Absolutely not! Anybody that can own a gun can own a suppressor. In order to own a suppressor, you will need to:

1. Submit a Form 4 application to the ATF.
2. Submit 2 FD-258 fingerprint cards and 2 2X2 photos of yourself.
3. Write a one-time check of $200 to the ATF.
4. Mail all of this to the ATF.

You will then wait for the ATF to approve your form and mail it back to your Class 3 Dealer. Then it’s yours!

How long does it normally take for my paperwork to come back approved?2018-05-23T11:31:01-05:00

It all depends, but for the most part it takes around 4-6 months. However, these numbers are not set in stone, and it can take more or even less time.

I’ve heard people mention filing a suppressor using a gun trust. Is there a benefit to doing this?2018-05-23T11:38:31-05:00

Gun trusts are great if you want to allow multiple people on your trust who can carry your suppressor to the range or hunting without you being present. However, most trusts cost over $100, and anybody listed on your trust as Responsible Persons when you purchase a suppressor has to do paperwork, fingerprints, and photos just like you do.
On top of this, trusts take longer for ATF suppressor approval compared to filing as an Individual.

Check out our “Trust vs. Individual” video on our YouTube page for more info on this.

If I file as an Individual, am I the only one that can possess the suppressor?2018-05-23T11:39:03-05:00

Nope! You can absolutely allow others to possess and shoot your suppressor as long as you are in the general area of the suppressor. If you are away from your home, the suppressor will need to be secured in a safe. Your family will be within the confines of the law as long as it is secure.

Are suppressors legal in every state?2018-05-23T11:37:55-05:00

Suppressors are legal in 42 states and growing! However, there are still states in which they are not legal. If you live in one of the states where they are not legal, you need to contact your state representatives ASAP!

Is the $200 tax I pay good for more than one suppressor?2018-05-23T11:39:39-05:00

Unfortunately, it’s $200 per suppressor. The good news though is it is a “one time” tax. So, you will never be taxed on that suppressor again! Once it’s yours, it’s yours for good.

Where can I get my fingerprints and photos done?2018-05-23T11:40:53-05:00

A lot of Class 3 dealers are now doing fingerprints and photos in shop either on a Live Scan system or manually. You can also go to third party establishment that offers fingerprint services. You can also legally do the fingerprints yourself, which we sell kits for on our website. As far as the photos, you can download “ID Photo Print”, and print them at a place like Walgreens if your dealer does not offer this service.

Do I have to submit fingerprints every time I purchase a suppressor?2018-05-23T11:42:34-05:00

Yes. However, a lot of Class 3 dealers save your prints if they have a Live Scan system. You can also have extras made when you do them initially, mail us one completed card, and we will store your prints for free. Then, when you need them, we will send you reprints for a small fee- or for free if you buy a suppressor through us!

I heard that by buying NFA items, the ATF can come in my house anytime for compliance checks. Is this true?2018-05-23T11:43:34-05:00

Absolutely not! Unless you give the ATF a reason to check your house, you will never have any issues with privacy.

General questions on purchasing a suppressor online:

Purchasing a suppressor online is just too fast and easy to not take advantage of the savings!

Is purchasing a suppressor online similar to purchasing a gun online?2018-05-23T11:49:18-05:00

Absolutely! It’s basically the exact same process. First, we transfer your suppressor to your local dealer. But unlike a regular gun transfer, your local dealer must also be a Class 3 dealer (SOT). Second, we have to first get approval from the ATF for the transfer by submitting a dealer to dealer (Form 3) transfer. This approval process takes around 1-3 days on average. Once we get the approval back, we ship your suppressor to your dealer.

Once I purchase a suppressor online through you guys, how do I go about coordinating the transfer to my local dealer?2018-05-23T11:49:59-05:00

During the checkout process, you can annotate your dealer’s info in the shipping box or you can just state who your dealer is in the memo box. If you don’t do this, no worries! We will also contact you by email requesting your dealer’s contact email or number. We will then contact your dealer requesting their FFL/SOT. If you do not have a Class 3 Dealer in mind, we will find one for you. We have dealt with thousands of Class 3 dealers across the country, so there is a good chance we already have a Class 3 Dealer in your area on file.

How long does the transfer to my dealer take?2018-05-23T11:50:33-05:00

The transfer process to your dealer normally takes approximately 1-3 days. We electronically (Eform) submit our Form 3s. So, once it’s approved, we automatically get the approval back. Once we receive the approval, we usually ship the same day.

When do I start my Form 4 (dealer to individual) paperwork?2018-05-23T11:51:02-05:00

You usually start your paperwork once your dealer receives your suppressor. However, you can most definitely knock out your fingerprints and photos while waiting for your dealer to receive your suppressor from us.

Does my dealer prepare my Form 4 paperwork?2018-05-23T11:51:35-05:00

In most cases, your dealer does prepare your paperwork. However, if you would like us to prepare your paperwork for you, we can do so for a small fee. Just let us know in the memo box at checkout and we will coordinate this.

Is there a fee that you charge for transferring a suppressor to my dealer?2018-05-23T11:52:25-05:00

No, we do not charge for the Form 3 transfer. However, just like a regular gun transfer, your dealer will probably charge a transfer fee for the handling and storage.

My local transferring Class 3 Dealer has a Silencer Shop Kiosk in their shop which takes my fingerprints and photos. If I purchase a suppressor through you guys and have it transferred to my local dealer, can I use the kiosk system?2018-05-23T11:52:57-05:00

Absolutely! The SS Kiosk system is set up in these dealer’s shops to do transfers too. We have a few customers who utilize this service with our transfers.

I’m resident of the state of Tennessee (home of eSilencers). Is the process different for me?2018-05-23T11:53:39-05:00

It is different considering we will directly handle the transfer to you, including completely filling out your paperwork, scanning your prints on our FBI approved fingerprint machine, taking your photos, and submitting your paperwork for you. We can have you in and out of our shop in less than an hour! Don’t want to drive to our shop? No worries! We can handle your paperwork remotely and ship your suppressor to you once it’s approved!

So, you’re telling me that you can mail suppressors straight to my home once their approved?2018-05-23T11:54:09-05:00

Absolutely! If you’re a TN resident and we are your transferring dealer, we can mail your suppressor directly to you on approval. This process adds approximately an extra 10-12 days after your approval and will cost you an extra $20 in shipping.