Having a tough time finding a place to do your FingerPrint cards for NFA purchases? With this kit, this equips you to properly do your own Fingerprints in your home. The ATF now requires you to do two FingerPrint Cards per person for each NFA item you purchase. The ATF absolutely does not mind you doing your own FingerPrint cards as long as they are done correctly, and you are properly equipped to take them. This kit meets that requirement.


The DIY Fingerprint Includes:
  • One FingerPrint ink pad
  • One FingerPrint card holder
  • Five retabs(in case you mess up)
  • Five FD-258 FingerPrint cards(2 sets, 1 extra)
Note: You then have the option to send us one completed card for us to store your prints on our FBI approved scanner for future uses. See our EZ Fingerprint Card option!