eSilencers was founded by industry expert and military veteran John Rich.  John’s passion for the gun industry led him to serving others, just like himself, who enjoy the collecting and recreation of firearms and accessories.  Due to heavy restrictions in the industry, confusing paperwork, and a lot of red tape, John desires to make it more seamless for both new and existing silencer and suppressor owners.  Although there is a rigorous process associated with being approved, John serves the gun-friendly community in the process of paperwork submission and procedures required in owning a silencer. He also strives to have the very best prices in the industry.

Since esilencers’s inception, they have became the top source for Silencers in the state of TN, and one of the largest in the nation. John, the founder, has worked hard to offer a unique service that most Class 3 dealers do not offer. They are capable of handling everything 100% remote meaning that you never even have to step foot in their shop. Making them a remote one stop shop for your NFA needs!

They also offer many of these same services to their non-TN customers. In which they can handle a customers paperwork and Fingerprints for them no matter where they live. This is the main reason why they have the motto “NFA Made EZ No Matter Where You Live!”