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Common Myths About Suppressors and Owning One

5 Common Myths About Owning Suppressors Hey guys, I'm John from eSilencers.com, "Your Top Source For Silencers Online." In this blog we discuss some common myths surrounding Suppressors and Suppressor laws. We will first start with the most basic myths that are out there from the common person:   First Myth: "I heard that [...]

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Early 2017 Wait Times for Form 3 Transfers (Dealer to Dealer)

Wait Times on Transfers for Purchasing a Suppressor Online are at an All-Time Low! Hey Guys! I'm John M. Rich, CEO of esilencers.com "Your Top Source For Silencers Online". Purchasing Suppressors online especially out of state can be confusing when it comes to the process of transferring a Suppressor to another Class 3 dealer out of [...]

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